Proof of U.S. Military Covert Operations Training & Support distributed through #IranElection Twitter Operation.

A great many people have been drawn into adding ribbons to their twitter icons to show support for various causes and uprisings. These have all evolved from the prototype site that first offered the ability to put a green overlay on your twitter icon (to show support for the Iranian uprising). In the early hours and days of the #iranelection operation, this was the main site for ‘activists’ and their supporters.

By examining the links and resources provided on this prototype page, the cover story propagated in the co-opted media claiming these events are “spontaneous, leaderless uprisings” is exposed as a diversion and a lie. A large portion of the ‘activist’ training material links directly to declassified U.S. Military training manuals and include items like CIA World Factbook – Iran, Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques & Procedures, Tactical Employment of Non-Lethal Weapons, Command and Control of Army Forces, Civil Disturbances, Staff Organization and Operations, Training the force, and Urban Operations Manual. Technology resources include extensive and detailed information on internet identity protection and detection avoidance. Topics include: How to setup a web proxy server, How to set up a Tor relay, Tactical LAN Management, Communication in Repressive Environments, and Communications in a ’Come As You Are’ War. It also makes perfectly clear that the #iranelection tag is the central location for operation information.  Don’t assume that because this is U.S. Military information being distributed, that they are also the source of the distribution.

It is not plausible that Iranian students wanting freedom would – on their own – be able to gather and disseminate U.S. Covert Operations resources and strategies, and even less plausible that they would be able to gather corporate engineering level information on circumventing Government and Corporate internet & cell phone tracking capabilities. A screenshot of the original site is below, along with all of the original links. The evidence of massive foreign government, agency, and / or military orchestration of these uprisings, and the direction of the tactics used by the ‘activists’ is undeniable.

greenthumbnails screenshoot - click to enlarge image

Original greenthumbnails site screen capture.


wikipedia – Iran
CIA World Factbook – Iran
Translate English to Farsi
Translate Farsi to English
Iranian embassies around the world
Why green?
Foreign Relations of Iran
Tehran Election News


Anonymous Forum – Iran
Tear gas guide for protestors
Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques & Procedures
Tactical Empoyment of Non-Lethal Weapons
Miltary Police Leaders’ Handbook
Command and Control of Army Forces
Urban Operations Manual
Unit Movement Operations
Movement Control
Combat Skills of the Soldier
Civil Disturbances
Battle Focused Training
Training the force
Staff Organization, and Operations
Staff Officers’ Manual


Al Jazeera
Google News
LA Times – Iran
LA Times – Babylon
Reporters Without Borders
Yahoo! News


Neda Agha-Soltani
Ayatollah Salid Ali Khamenei
Mir-Hossein Mousavi@facebook
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Manouchehr Mottaki
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani
Imprisoned Journalists and Politicians


Emergency Medical Info (Farsi & English)
Embassies in Tehran accepting injured
Red Crescent – Iran
How to perform phlebotomy (DIY Bloodbank)
CPR For Infants
Trauma – Symptoms and Treatment
First Aid for Soldiers (US ARMY 1988)
Special Wounds
Psychological Reactions
Medical Platoon Leaders’ Handbook
Medical Company – Tactics & Techniques
Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations
Combat Stress Control – Leaders’ Manual
Chemical & Biological Contamination Avoidance
Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualties
Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties


Cyberwar guide for Iran
How to setup a web proxy server
Verify a proxy server
RE: Lines of Communication
Encrypted SSH Tunneling
Tor: Anonymity Online
How to set up a Tor relay
Communications in a ’Come As You Are’ War
Tactical LAN Management
Communication in Repressive Environments
DIY Nightvision Video Camera
DIY Infrared Intruder Alert System
DIY Parabolic Microphone
DIY USB Camera to Video Telescope
DIY WiFi Super Antenna
#iranelection @Twitter


10 Incredible YouTube Videos
Militia squad gives up and runs away


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